Wednesday, October 19

New Blog

Hi there!
Okay, so things have change....
I'm no longer blogging over here...
So come on over and check it out!
And while your at it...
Hit the follow button.
I'll return the favor!

Thursday, June 2


Mercy me!
Has is really been that long since I lasted posted?!
I'm am so sorry!
I promise to be on top of posting!

Well on to other things...
I think it was time for a blog make-over...
what do you think?
I may add a few more changes here and there.
And here is my mess of a craft table...

But there are good things that come from that mess...
Like the
Teal Peony
I just adore it!

And then some other things...

I've started selling them at my work... I will change them out periodically.
But I am still selling through etsy and via email.

So consider me back in action!
Be on the look out for some new stuff!

Friday, March 25

Shopping = Happy

So I'm the kind of girl who loves shopping.
No Joke.
I literally Shop Till I Drop.
A few weeks ago I came across some amazing shoes.
I HAD to have them...
And luckily my hubby understand my needs 
So this is the result...
Hello Gorgeous!
I bought the heels.
I had too.
If you can't tell I LOVE zebra print.
(i googled zebra print heels to find a picture before posting this one... bad idea)
I had my Awesome friend Kat  make me the earrings
 I made the headband.
And I wore my little black dress.
So last Sunday I walked into church feeling pretty awesome 

And today I hung out with my new friend Rosie,
we went to lunch and then on the the Avenues Mall.
Best Mall Ever.


We came across this store 

I walked in and about died.

So we're browsing.
 and I come across these bad boys
There was no question of whether or not they would be mine.
And now I'm walking on cloud nine.

Hi, I'm Marlee...
And I'm a Shopaholic.


Moving along.

Wednesday I got my hair done...



What do you think?
I've never had it cut this way before so I'm a little paranoid about it.
But I'm starting to get use to it.

This is my latest project...
What do ya think?
 I love it. 
Its so much fun to wear!
 I've got a bunch of other stuff I'm working on as well...
This week has been pretty awesome!

Have a fabulous day

Sorry if this post is so random... and jumps around a lot... welcome to inside my brain.

Friday, March 18


You guys are amazing!
The number of followers is climbing! 

You guys (girls) are making my life! :)

Things here are hopping.
(thats me getting ready for easter)

But Wait!

How was your St. Patricks day?
I know I'm a day behind...
 Did you remember to wear green?
 Growing up a leprechaun came to our house in the middle of the night and

turned our milk green...
 And they used our toilets! 
But they always forgot to flush.
 My mom would make green bread and green spaghetti...

You name it... It was green! 
One of the best memories of my


When I think leprechaun...
this is what comes to mind...

Did you ever see the Disney Movie
here lets try this...
Remember now?

I loved it!
Mainly because of this Hunk!
(the guy not the girl... obviously)
Ryan Merriman.
Married... Not Dead.


Well, I'm working on getting a schedule set up for the blog... 
I think it will help me feel more organized ...
and feel like I don't ignore the blog. 

So be on the look out... 
I'm also thinking about some linky parties... 

What do you think?


There will be some items going up on the 
Sassy and Crafty etsy shop 
(its over there on the side bar)
on Monday. 

So be sure and check it out!

Monday, March 14


Let Me Just Tell You How Excited I Am!

My awesome friend Cassie over at
is hosting a Giveaway!!!
From yours truly

The piece up for grabs is one of my personal favorites...
The Sweet Pea
You can dress it up or go casual...
The choice is yours!

Its my first time doing a Giveaway and I'm SO excited!

So head over to 
to enter!

Here is how to you can win:

Follow me  AND Follow Cassie at The Real Housewife of Longleaf Ranch.

Then leave a comment letting her know you follow us both.
 (Be sure your email is linked to your name or is in the comment. This is how we will notify you.)

Optional Extra Entries

1 Entry: Go to the Sassy and Crafty etsy shop and tell her what you would love to add to your collection.
1 Entry: Like Sassy and Crafty onFacebook 
1 Entry: Heart Sassy and Crafty on etsy 
1 Entry: Follow Sassy and Crafty on Twitter 
1 Entry: Blog, tweet, or FB about this giveaway. Or do all three for 3 entries. (leave a link)

Be sure to leave a seperate comment on THIS post every time you complete one of the above entry methods.

The giveaway will close Thursday at 9pm EST
The winner will be chosen by and announced on Friday.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, March 8


is hosting a giveaway!

has added some adorable pieces to her etsy shop!

How cute are these??
Seriously its amazing.
I blog stalk her. 

So head over to Elise's Pieces and enter the giveaway!!
The giveaway ends March 14th

On the Mend

So I'm feeling better today!
*Happy Dance* 
I don't like being sick.
Its not fun.

So let me show you something that has hit my favorite list...


Amazing right?

Yes, I think so too.

There more where that came from...

Monday, March 7

Going Around

As I'm sure a lot of you know there is something going around...
Its mean.
It makes you cough.
It makes you ache.
It makes your nose stuffed up.
Its a head cold.
And I've got it!
Which is why I've been M.I.A
There are quite a few things planned if I can just get over being a walking zombie.
So Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, March 1


I've recently come across 
She is Fantastic!
Very talented and creative...
She is also having her First giveaway!
She reached 100 followers! 
I'm super excited! 
I've already entered...
Seriously her stuff is so cute.
I'm in love 
So head over to 
And enter the giveaway!
It ends Saturday night at Midnight

Sweet Pea

Here's a little of what I've been working on...

Sweet Pea's
This is one of my favorites 

The rhinestone in the middle is blue - Cute, right?

 I call this bad boy my "Retro Pea"
Cause seriously how legit is that fabric?!

And this is my vintage looking one...
I know its not like complete vintage or whatever.
But it has that look to me.

Awesome, right?
I think so too!
They are so easy and so much fun to make!

I did some white Satin ones for someone... they turned out amazing! 
BUT I forgot to take a picture
*face palm*
So I will see if I can duplicate the master piece.

I was going to try and get a bunch done yesterday...
it didn't happen. 
It will happen 

Be on the look out!

And before I forget...
has been having a bunch of sales on fb
This cute thang is ALL MINE!
I'm Super Stoked!
I mean seriously...
It should have adorable written all over it. 
okay maybe not all over it... but you get the idea 
Head over to VWB and check her out!

Monday, February 28

Blast off!

First of all...
I'm so excited and grateful for all those who have made a purchase! 
You have no idea.
I'm uber grateful and very humbled
 You guys are awesome!

So today I have a bunch of stuff that I will be working on.
I'm excited.

See the tab at the top that says
Kat's Creations
Click on it!
My friend makes some AWESOME jewelry!
She made some for me the other day.
I love it.
See one you like?
Send her an email!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 21


Hey Everyone!

So I had my first sale on Saturday!!!
I was SUPER excited!

I'm still pretty hyped.

I will be getting some more done today.
um yay!
So I will have more posted tonight!

And don't forget to tell your friends.

I've had a few ideas come my way...
that I might possibly work on...
BUT I'll keep that a secret for now...


Saturday, February 19


Prices are up!
Business cards ordered!
I'm Ready to rock this!

I'm super stoked!!!

Wednesday, February 16


Here is what I've been up to lately...

I call them...

The Sassy Signature 





NO  two headbands are the same... they may look alike but they are done differently.

I've also done some others...


The Sassy Specialty 


And Aqua

I have been asked if I will sell any of my headbands...
The answer is yes...
I'm still figuring out prices and all that.
So bare with me.
In the mean time... 
What do you think?

Tuesday, February 8


Here is what we did on Friday at the Craft party!

I finished mine yesterday...

Isn't it AWESOME!? 

I just don't know where I'm going to put it... 

Saturday, February 5

For the Love of Crafting!

Here is some of what I've been doing lately



Silver satin Flower
Small white pom pom
My stash!

My Favorite at the moment!
I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm IN LOVE with this head band...

A lot of my ideas I get from one of my favorite people...
Like Nichelle over at Vintage Wanna Bee

If you would like me to make you some,
just let me know...
I'm not selling them yet or anything
I might eventually though.


<3 Marlee

Sunday, January 23

A crafting we will go...

So here is post number 2.
I've been crafting away!

Right now I'm mostly in love with making Satin flowers and Rosettes.
I've made quite a few of them.
Here are some of the things I've done so far...

My cute Picture frame that was originally brown that I painted yellow.
( I LOVE the color Yellow)
Added pink rosette's  and the super cute printable (that I can't remember what blog I found it on...I will continue to search so I can give credit)

Black Satin Flower

Multi-colored Pom Pom

Red Pom Pom (not my favorite)

 Pink Satin Flower

White Satin Flower

White Rosette with Tulle.
Not my favorite.

I found this on a blog as well... I love it.
Instead of a dry erase board its just a picture frame. 
Did I mention that I love it?

My ribbon holder... Yes. Its a tie rack. I don't have a ribbon holder yet.

Here is my work station :)
awesome right?

Close up 

And here is my Craft cabinet. 
My parents gave me the pink bins with a BUNCH of stuff in there...
The blue bin at the bottom has a lot of Yarn.
The red bucket has flowers of every color and shape.
My pile of fabric.
And the top shelf that has extra papers and all sorts of random things.

I am totally diggin' making things.
So I will post more as it takes shape...
And I promise that I will give credit where credit is due.