Sunday, January 23

A crafting we will go...

So here is post number 2.
I've been crafting away!

Right now I'm mostly in love with making Satin flowers and Rosettes.
I've made quite a few of them.
Here are some of the things I've done so far...

My cute Picture frame that was originally brown that I painted yellow.
( I LOVE the color Yellow)
Added pink rosette's  and the super cute printable (that I can't remember what blog I found it on...I will continue to search so I can give credit)

Black Satin Flower

Multi-colored Pom Pom

Red Pom Pom (not my favorite)

 Pink Satin Flower

White Satin Flower

White Rosette with Tulle.
Not my favorite.

I found this on a blog as well... I love it.
Instead of a dry erase board its just a picture frame. 
Did I mention that I love it?

My ribbon holder... Yes. Its a tie rack. I don't have a ribbon holder yet.

Here is my work station :)
awesome right?

Close up 

And here is my Craft cabinet. 
My parents gave me the pink bins with a BUNCH of stuff in there...
The blue bin at the bottom has a lot of Yarn.
The red bucket has flowers of every color and shape.
My pile of fabric.
And the top shelf that has extra papers and all sorts of random things.

I am totally diggin' making things.
So I will post more as it takes shape...
And I promise that I will give credit where credit is due.



Bethany said...

I seriously need to learn how to make those cute flowers, (or you could make me some :) Kennedy would love those for clips and I think they make a cute broach (sp).
Anyway, maybe some tips when you come over next week.

Meg said...

I'm in love with the satin flower ones! You will have to show me how to make them!