About Me

I'm Marlee!

Thanks for coming and checking out my blog.

Just a little about me... Since this is my "about me" section

I'm 23

I'm Married to the most amazing guy ever!
2 Years now.

I live in the Sunshine State....

I'm a Big animal lover!
we have 10 9 pets.
The Chihuahua    The Bassett     The Ninja     
And 6 Fish.
(we lost a one... He got stuck in a plant and died)

My Favorite flowers are Roses.
The Hubs just bought me a rose bush.
I'm excited.

Hand me a Dr. Pepper and I'll love you forever.

I like playing video games.

Spring is my favorite season...
In fact... I was married on the first day of Spring.

procrastinate... A lot.

I am VERY girly.

I'm a Mormon

I've been told I talk to much.

I Adore making new friends!

I Love my life and all those in it.

This is Me.
Welcome to my world!