Friday, March 25

Shopping = Happy

So I'm the kind of girl who loves shopping.
No Joke.
I literally Shop Till I Drop.
A few weeks ago I came across some amazing shoes.
I HAD to have them...
And luckily my hubby understand my needs 
So this is the result...
Hello Gorgeous!
I bought the heels.
I had too.
If you can't tell I LOVE zebra print.
(i googled zebra print heels to find a picture before posting this one... bad idea)
I had my Awesome friend Kat  make me the earrings
 I made the headband.
And I wore my little black dress.
So last Sunday I walked into church feeling pretty awesome 

And today I hung out with my new friend Rosie,
we went to lunch and then on the the Avenues Mall.
Best Mall Ever.


We came across this store 

I walked in and about died.

So we're browsing.
 and I come across these bad boys
There was no question of whether or not they would be mine.
And now I'm walking on cloud nine.

Hi, I'm Marlee...
And I'm a Shopaholic.


Moving along.

Wednesday I got my hair done...



What do you think?
I've never had it cut this way before so I'm a little paranoid about it.
But I'm starting to get use to it.

This is my latest project...
What do ya think?
 I love it. 
Its so much fun to wear!
 I've got a bunch of other stuff I'm working on as well...
This week has been pretty awesome!

Have a fabulous day

Sorry if this post is so random... and jumps around a lot... welcome to inside my brain.


Cassie said...

Soooo many awesome things happenin in this post! LOVE the new treasures!! I'm not much for animal print but it looks great on you! LOVE the new header and the new signature!! LOVE the necklace. Please tell me you are going to start selling those. I WANT ONE!!!

Cassie said...

How could I forget?? I LOVE THE HAIRCUT!! The definition of Sassy!! Lovin it!

Opal Stevens said...

Love your blog! Following you from blog hop.. I'm Opal from, hope you can check it out sometime.. :D

momgen said...

Wow you look more beautiful dear...I am a new follower....See you hope you follow back...